061 Observe and Report – Nate Fisher – Title Theme

The two versions of Title Theme from Observe and Report covered in this episode are soundtracks for the sci-fi audio drama Observe and Report, a story about an alien that gets stranded on earth. My name is Nate Fisher. I’m a writer and composer from Washington. I wrote the two versions of this piece to express the loneliness of an earthbound alien. The first version is a gentler solo piano piece while the second incorporates big orchestral elements for a grand cinematic feel. Let’s break it down!


01:33 My favorite score is Steve Jablonsky’s score for the first Transformers film. I’m also influenced by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori’s score for the Halo games. And, of course, Howard Shore and John Williams. → Check it out “061 Observe and Report – Nate Fisher – Title Theme”

060 Starcalled – Gabriel Alvarez – Back to the Berenian

An immersive listening experience. Headphones recommended. Join audio drama creator and composer Gabriel Alvarez in a climactic rollercoaster soundtrack for an epic space action scene for fiction podcast Starcalled. Gabriel’s influences included 90s Australian TV series Farscape, Batman Returns and, of course, Star Wars. Let’s break it down!



Early influences for Back to the Berenian included Danny Elfman’s score for Batman Returns, Australian TV series Farscape and, of course, Star Trek and Star Wars. Before I started creating the series, there just wasn’t much out there exactly like what I wanted to hear. So you take it upon yourself to create the type of stuff you want to hear. After all, who doesn’t pretend they’re climbing into the cockpit of a spaceship? → Check it out “060 Starcalled – Gabriel Alvarez – Back to the Berenian”

059 – The Tower – David Devereux – The Fog Clears (Interlude)

Join Tin Can Audio’s Scottish creator and composer David Devereux in a gentle ascent into the clouds of audio drama. For fiction podcast ‘The Tower‘, their influences ranged from a family love of the Wurlitzer organ to games like Hyper Light Drifter. This piece ‘The Fog Clears’ was written as an interlude which bridges the story of Kiri, a young girl who climbs an infinite tower to escape the drudgery of her life down below. The Fog Clears is a gentle and expansive soundtrack which musically describes the moment Kiri achieves clarity, peace and the strength to continue her journey.


02:12 The Fog Clears was written for a narrative audio fiction series. Influences included Pink Floyd, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds and the classic ‘Studio Ghibli’ sound of Ryuchi Sakamoto. → Check it out “059 – The Tower – David Devereux – The Fog Clears (Interlude)”