110 Dice Tower Theater – Mike Atchley – Dark Journey

Join composer and showrunner Mike Atchley in a musical trip into the skies of fantasy tabletop roleplaying game audio drama Dice Tower Theater presents: Dawn of Dragons. Young heroes bound in love and kinship are forced on a quest to discover the truth behind the magic of dragons and seek those that stole it. In this episode, hear how the epic fantasy music of Dice Tower Theater is inspired by re-constructed DnD gameplay recordings. An immersive listening experience. Headphones recommended.


Dice Tower Theater audio series dicetowertheatre.com/
Good Ham Productions www.goodhamproductions.com/


Music: Glenn Danzig – Retreat And Descent
Music: Jo Blankenburg – Garador’s Flight
Music: Richard Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries


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Discover new fiction podcasts in an immersive, sound-designed listening experience with their music composers. In this show, we challenge audio drama music makers to break apart a song, soundtrack or composition and get into why and how it was made. Immersive listening. Headphones recommended.

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